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Across the shipping industry, the adoption of digital technology is helping owners and operators to optimize operations. Digital tools make it easier for vessel managers to track the status of valve maintenance in a central database. It can also reduce turnaround time for replacement products and ensure asset specification accuracy ahead of dry-docking across an entire fleet. 

W&O RFID Tag on Valve

W&O is one of the world’s largest suppliers of valves to the marine market. Our team has the experience, technical expertise, and technological capabilities to advise ship owners about valve replacement. We offer a pre dry dock planning program that helps ensure timely delivery of the right valve at the right time, consistently across global operations.


• A single consolidated asset tracking solution utilizing IOT Technology (RFID/BLE)

• Mobile readable RFID tags for all critical valves

• Easy asset history tracking

• Accurate asset specification

• Centralized asset maintenance records, test certificates, pictures for the whole fleet


• Hold essential information from across a valve’s service lifetime, including:
   • Manufacturer
   • Valve size and materials of construction
   • Shipping and installation dates
   • Actuator data and settings
   • Testing certificates
   • Inspection history and condition reports
   • Inspection photos

• Reduce response time, ship checks and turnaround for replacement products

• Make data available through a smartphone app 

• Improve safety, for example, making it easy to look up and verify actuator settings or relief settings and last test date for safety valves

• Enable adoption of a time-based preventative maintenance approach to valve replacement

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