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W&O Europe has officially partnered with ARI-Armaturen (ARI), a leading international developer, manufacturer, and distributor of marine valves for control, isolation, safety and steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media. Under the agreement, W&O Europe will be a marine valve distributor for ARI in Benelux.



The new agreement unites ARI’s market leading manufacturing with W&O Europe’s extensive sales and distribution network in Benelux for repair and maintenance in major ports such as Antwerp and Rotterdam. As part of the partnership, W&O will also introduce the ARI product range to our newbuild shipyard customers in the Netherlands.  


W&O will also perform repair and maintenance services on ARI valves including re-certification using our repair shop and testing equipment at our Bergen Op Zoom warehouse in the heart of the Antwerp-Rotterdam port region.


Kristof Adam, W&O Europe General Manager, commented on the new agreement: “W&O has always been proud to deliver an expert, reliable and professional service in combination with high quality products. We are very pleased to be named as a marine distributor for ARI-Armaturen in the Benelux markets.


“We see an opportunity to deliver significant benefits to W&O and ARI clients through the combination of ARI’s quality products and our approach to valve service and supply that ensures we deliver the right products to our clients wherever and whenever they need them at a competitive price.


“As a market leader, ARI has recognised the skills of our team, and the important role that plays in simplifying for our clients the supply and maintenance of valves for vessels across any fleet size. Our team of marine specialists provide owners with access to experience and expertise in ship parts, reliable suppliers and a global network of supply warehouses. The supplier agreement with ARI strengthens the service we provide our clients.”


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