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Building trust: Delivering supply chain resilience in Europe

Kristof Adam, General Manager, W&O Europe

Originally published: Binnenvaartkrant

The inland waterways of Europe are a crucial and complex sector for the maritime industry, from cargo transportation to passenger ferries, they connect and service the needs of the public and businesses in the region. This means that the continued operation and maintenance of these services is an important part of a wider economy.

Good project management and expert technical support from suppliers are essential for ship owners and yards; helping them combat unexpected breakdowns, urgent need for parts, and system upgrades due to regulations. Supply agreements reached with a reliable supplier, that provide for dedicated support, are the best way to avoid sudden costs or stranded assets in an emergency and ensure continued operations.

Already the leading supplier to North America’s maritime industry, W&O has recognised the increased demand for valve and specialist ship components in Europe, and has invested in its European operations by expanding its central warehouse and distribution centre in the Netherlands to 4,000m2.

Since the expansion, W&O has developed its logistics capacity, creating a larger area to conduct factory acceptance testing, and employing more space for our extensive stock that supports continuity in daily operations.  

The expansion of our European warehouse also enables W&O to operate in the class landscape. With daily class tests for technical customer support and regulatory transparency, we can play an effective role in ensuring the safe and continuous operation of vital supply chains.

The European supply chain is just one key part of our partners’ global needs. In an ever-changing, demanding maritime landscape, in-depth local knowledge partnered with global expertise and availability. W&O helps enables our customers to focus on their operations, knowing they have constant access and support from one of the world’s largest supplies of valves, actuated valves, and specialty products to the marine market, and the technical expertise underpinning it.

Reliability means being able to deliver to what owners and shipyards need, when they need it. Building a trusted relationship with clients and customers is an essential part of a successful business. Our efficient, quick and flexible approach to valve supply combined with our in-depth knowledge support trust building for customers as they ensure the smooth running of operations across Europe’s inland waterways.


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