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W&O is pleased to introduce CPV: highly engineered valves and fittings designed for a wide spectrum of industries including oil & gas, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, pulp, paper and even the United States Navy in both standard and custom applications.

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CPV Parts LockupFor more than 50 years, CPV’s principle of maintaining the highest quality of core products has been central to its day-to-day work and larger development, it’s not the only one that has guided CPV’s success. They place equal importance on beginning every design challenge
with a complete picture of their customer’s needs and expectations, going beyond “one size fits all.” CPV takes the time to understand exactly how the products will be applied, and incorporate that information from the initial designs to the manufacturing process.

W&O has focused on servicing the international maritime industry for more than 40 years. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of pipe, valves, fittings and engineered solutions, W&O is more than a mere supplier. In addition to offering standard fitting packages, we also offer complete bilge/ballast systems and fuel monitoring systems. W&O’s strategic branch network provides vessels with an extensive inventory and expert services, available in all European sea routes.



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