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Dresser Couplings

Dresser Couplings
Dresser Couplings
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Dresser Coupling Style 38
The Dresser coupling consists of one cylindrical middle ring, two follower rings, two resilient gaskets of special Dresser compound, and a set of steel trackhead bolts.

Product Overview

Proven by years of service on all kinds of pipe, Dresser couplings provide flexible, leak proof connections that last the life of the pipe. No costly threading, beveling, exact pipe fitting or alignment is required. Dresser couplings are fast and easy to install with any size pipe or tubing. The resilient Dresser gaskets absorb harsh vibration and pipe movement, while still allowing curves to be laid with straight pipe lengths. Installation is safe and sure; there are no hazards to workmen or delays due to weather.

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Steel       Stainless Steel       Carbon Steel       Titanium       Monel       Other Alloys Available      
Size Range
3/8" - 405"      
Temp Range
-20°F to +1200°F      
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Dresser Couplings Steel Product Brouchure Dresser style 38, style 138, style 39 insulating couplings, style 40 long body couplings, style 40 long body couplings, style 62 reducing/transition couplings 1.47MB

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Products feature Dresser AL-CLAD™ coating as standard in the most popular sizes. Our epoxy coating offers optimum protection against highly corrosive soil or aggressive water conditions and for handling brine, brackish water, most acids, alkalies, oil, chemical particulates and gases.
Use a Dresser coupling and your pipeline joint is non-rigid, accepting expansion, contraction, vibration and line deflection.

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